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The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure

Passages Malibu Book Offer

A Gateway from Duress to Freedom

Substance abuse can enslave a person. No one knows this better than Pax and Chris Prentiss. For over 10 long, turbulent years Pax was addicted to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. Some would say he was doomed, that his condition was incurable and his fate sealed. Others may have given up on Pax, but his father Chris refused to let the drugs consume his son. After many failed attempts through treatment centers advocating 12-Step programs and a superficial view of addiction, Pax and Chris knew they needed a real, lasting solution. What they found changed their lives forever. In searching for the underlying causes of Pax’s addiction, and curing them, Pax was finally able to achieve total sobriety. But this achievement wasn’t limited to just abstinence – he also was able to reclaim his health, and his life. Today, Pax is CEO and co-founder of Passages.

Learning Through Experience, Leading by Example

From their experiences, both Pax and Chris adopted a refreshing attitude that allowed them to successfully and completely break through fatalistic perspectives of addiction. They designed a rehabilitation program based on what they knew would lead others to recovery: aim high, reach high. Their healing center appreciates the individual differences among people and utilizes a dynamic approach to treatment to comprehensively address underlying personal issues which cause a person to use. By empowering those who falsely believe they are powerless, both the treatment center and The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure facilitate nothing short of a transformation.

Boundless Strength from Within

The core philosophy and pervasive theme of The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure is change from within. In this way, a person gains the necessary tools to enact a fundamental lifestyle metamorphosis. They need not depend on some external force, nor do they need to be branded as an addict or someone who is permanently diseased.

Some may be skeptical of a person’s capacity for change, and justifiably so. The dominant opinion is that an addicted person has a disease, that they are powerless. They are in essence a slave. But scientific, historical, and philosophical evidence show this opinion to be misguided. A person’s internal passion can drive them to achieve feats previously thought to be impossible. Personal beliefs are incredibly powerful tools; and with the right beliefs a person can defang, confront, and inevitably overcome their dependency.

Begin Your Journey

While substance abuse has potential to enslave, you are the key to unlocking your own shackles. The secret to truly overcoming addiction is you. You are fully capable of redefining who you are, and this book can help you on your journey – all you have to do is take the first step.